Cool-Ray Hot Air Balloon Team

about the cool-ray hot air balloon team

Welcome to the home page of the Cool-Ray Hot Air Balloon Team located in Decatur, Alabama. Here you can find out about the Wahl family and our crew's adventures in our hot air balloon, duly named 'Cool-Ray'. Why, you may ask, is our balloon named 'Cool-Ray'? Well take a look at our pictures and you may discover the reason.

In an effort to help our readers understand the sport of hot air ballooning we have also included some explanations of how hot air balloons work, and about the sport in general. Follow the links to your left and begin your own fantastical journey into balloon flight!

Who is the Cool-Ray Balloon Team? We'll here they are!

Mike Wahl
Pilot, captain, and class clown



Cathy D. Wahl
Pilot, co-pilot, and peacekeeper



Michael (Robbie) Wahl Jr.
Pilot ...yes Mike reproduced, be afraid




Molly Wahl Davis she's the sane one



James Davis
Crew, husband of 'the sane one'...who himself is not (hey, he married her)



Nikki Craft
Crew, and actually the 'most certifiable sane person on crew'




Philip Gentry
Crew, claims no relation to the insane family he crews for



Lynn Gentry
Crew ...embraces and encourages daft behavior


Lauren Gentry
Crew, raised by wolves and balloonists.