Cool-Ray Hot Air Balloon Team


Pictures are organized by flight or event date, and location.

6/13-15/08 - Gulf Coast Balloon Fest; Foley, AL >>

Foley01 Foley02 Foley03 Foley04

5/23-25/08 - Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic; Decatur, AL>>

Jubilee01 Jubilee02 Jubilee03 Jubilee04 Jubilee05 Jubilee06 Jubiee07 Jubilee08 Jubilee09 Jubilee10 Jubilee11

9/1/07 - Robbie and Nikki's Engagement Flight; Decatur, AL >>

8/25/07 - UFO Festival; Fyffe, AL >>

5/25 - 27/07 - Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic; Decatur, AL>>

5/19/07 - Mike's Paid Ride; Decatur, AL>>

3/18/07 - Robbie's Check Ride; Decatur, AL>>

11/25/06 - Fun Flight; Decatur, AL>>

10/20-22/06 - The Great Mississippi River Balloon Race; Natchez, Miss >>

Here are some just general recent pictures of Cool-Ray, and other balloons flying with us just from recent events.

These are some pictures of our past balloons. Having two commercial pilots in the Wahl family has led us into owning a few different balloons over the years; since Mike sells balloons and teaches people to fly.


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